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Tracking orders against email campaigns

Understand how your campaigns are performing by tracking via coupon code or email click-throughs

Once you've sent an email campaign, it's important to track how it is performing. Machine Labs offers reporting on numerous metrics including open rate, click rate and the number of orders associated with the campaign.

In order to accurately track orders against a campaign, Machine Labs utilises attribution data supplied by Shopify. You can also optionally supply a coupon code when setting up your email campaign that will increase tracking accuracy.

Setting up a coupon code in Shopify

To set up a coupon code in Shopify, navigate to your Shopify store admin panel. From here, click on the Discounts link on the left hand navigation bar. You can create a new coupon code by clicking on the Create discount button in the top right of this page. Make sure to choose Discount code here, as automatic discounts do not have a code associated with them.

Shopify offer extensive customization options when creating a discount code, and you can set this up in any way you choose. Take note of the discount code that you enter here, as this will be used when setting up your Machine Labs campaign.

Tracking coupon codes in Machine Labs

When setting up an email campaign in Machine Labs, there is a Coupon code field on the Content step of the builder. Enter the discount code that you previously set up in Shopify in this field. Make sure that this discount code is unique to this campaign so that orders can be accurately tracked.

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But I don't want to offer a discount in this campaign, will my sales still be tracked?

We understand that you may not wish to offer a discount in every email that you sent to your customers. If no coupon code is supplied, we will use attribution data supplied by Shopify to track orders against your campaign.

Note that tracking this way is less accurate than via coupon code as we don't always know if a customer has purchased from the email, for example if they change devices, close their browser or use incognito mode.