R66: Ambitious Dreamers

Lively singles and single parents with cost-conscious mindsets starting out in city apartments

Type of Aspirational Fusion consisting of 1.40% of households and 0.77% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 25-30
  • Household income less than $15,000
  • 1 person household
  • Renter
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Single parents
  • Apartment dweller
  • Bilingual
  • Low value properties
  • Team sports
  • Sub-prime credit


Ambitious Dreamers are one of the newest demographic trends in American households: the decline of marriage among lower-income couples. In this segment, singles, cohabitating couples and single-parents of limited means share low-rent city apartments. One of the youngest segments in the nation, more than half of household heads are under 35 years old. The populace here doesn’t consider marriage as the only path to forming a family.

These young adults have low educations—their rate of high school dropouts is double the national average—and low- paying, entry level jobs. Some manage to get by sharing overcrowded apartments and homes to make ends meet. In these old and transitional neighborhoods, scattered across the country in mid-sized cities like Buffalo, N.Y.; and Tulsa, Okla.; segment members live in buildings typically built before 1939. There are few amenities other than the inexpensive rent to entice these young, mobile singles to sink in roots: nearly three fifths have lived at their address for fewer than three years.

Ambitious Dreamers spend a lot of their free time on the go. They hang out with friends and kick back at their apartments to listen to music or throw a dinner party, always on the lookout for a new dish to try or drink to share. There’s not a lot of money for travel, except for the virtual kind, and these 20- and 30-somethings like to play video games. If they want to work out, they’ll bypass the health club in favor of a pickup game of basketball in a nearby park.

While their budgets may be tight, Ambitious Dreamers love to shop, particularly for clothes. Although they like designer clothes and to keep up with the latest styles, they typically end up in discount department stores, looking for chic styles on the clearance racks. Most can’t afford to own a car, but they will splurge on electronics. These music fans buy the latest devices to listen to their favorite music: rock and R&B. This segment is relatively disconnected with traditional media; you’ll rarely see a newspaper left at anyone’s doorstep.

With few long-time residents in their neighborhoods, Ambitious Dreamers often seem disconnected from their communities. They don’t often vote, or belong to a place of worship. Many simply want to get ahead, make more money and find a better place to live.