Q63: Footloose and Family Free

Settled couples and widowed individuals living active and comfortable lifestyles

Type of Golden Year Guardians consisting of 0.49% of households and 0.38% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 76+
  • Household income $35,000-$49,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retirement communities
  • Tech novices
  • Avid newspaper readers
  • Retired
  • Independent politically
  • Financially secure


Footloose and Family Free are a mix of elderly couples and widowed individuals, many living in retirement communities across the South. With more than eight-tenths over the age of 65, they’re mostly out of the workforce and enjoying comfortable retirements. Despite no longer supporting children, many live in detached houses on small lots that they moved to after retirement. Some of their communities are age-restricted, and there are few children to be seen except for visiting grandchildren.

With their solid incomes from pensions and investments, Footloose and Family Free can afford comfy lifestyles. They’re fit, and politically active. Although most are conservative, there are a surprising amount of Liberals for their age, typically leading busy social lives. They still drive, often mid-range sedans, and like to go out at night. They dine frequently at restaurants and regularly go to plays and events at the local veterans’ club. They’re health conscious and like to spend time each week exercising—they engage in fitness walking, swimming and golf. They can afford to take small vacations and they enjoy taking trips by plane, train, or cruise ship to places abroad such as Europe and Asia. They like to go in style, staying at a Ritz-Carlton or Fairmont hotel or the like.

That fondness for the finer things can be seen in the way they shop. They like to buy quality clothes and designer labels at mid-upscale retailers, and tend to be brand-loyal, seeking out styles that have stood them well for years. They can afford such niceties thanks to judicious investments throughout their career. Today, many own diversified portfolios of stocks, mutual funds, CDs and tax-sheltered annuities. These are not Americans who flaunt their affluence.

Footloose and Family Free make a point to be active, mentally stimulated and socially engaged. They enjoy entertaining friends at home but when they want to relax, it’s often on a living room couch with some printed media or a TV remote close at hand. These older Americans like to read books, magazines, newspapers—you name it. They like to stay informed and they often enjoy reading a daily newspaper from cover to cover. They enjoy a number of magazines that cover news, sports, food and travel. They’re fond of watching TV, particularly dramas and early evening shows. They’ve only recently begun using the internet, but they’ve learned enough to follow their stocks.

Footloose and Family Free recognize their good fortune. They say they’re content with their life and feel financially secure. They’re more liberal than other senior segments, however they’re conservative when it comes to their health; they watch what they eat, take supplements, and stay on top of medical issues with the help of their doctor and pharmacist. These elderly Americans don’t worry too much about the future, though, and are happy with their lives today.