Q: Golden Year Guardians

Retirees living in old homes, settled residences and communities

8.43% of households and 6.28% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 76+
  • Household income $15,000-$24,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Low level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Retired
  • Health-conscious
  • Tech novices
  • Established credit
  • Domestic holidays
  • Cautious money managers


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Q64: Established in Society

Q65: Mature and Wise


With more than 90 percent of members over 65 years old, Golden Year Guardians are the eldest of the Mosaic groups. The seniors in these four types have predominantly limited education and live on extremely modest retirement funds. Over half are widowed or living alone as their spouse resides in the community’s nursing home. Most married couples still live in the homes they’ve owned for the past 20 years or more and nearly one third now reside in retirement communities. These members of the Greatest Generation typically came from humble origins and now enjoy unpretentious lifestyles.

Golden Year Guardians are nestled throughout the nation, though they’re centered in Sun Belt suburban retirement communities like Sun City, Arizona, Delray Beach, Florida, and Laguna Woods, California. Many are still living the American dream of home ownership, though their modest cottages and bungalows are valued at three quarters of the national average. Many have sought out communities where they could live free of urban concerns like crime and rush-hour traffic. Others have moved to new locations for a chance to establish new friendships and engage in new leisure activities.

With incomes half the national average, many Golden Year Guardians face financial challenges as they struggle to get by on their social security checks and pensions. Only a small percentage of these seniors have a substantial nest egg or investment portfolios. When they were growing up, many had few educational opportunities, and only a third went beyond high school. Before retirement, a decade or more ago, they held jobs as honest blue-collar workers. While many have paid off their mortgages, they still lack the discretionary cash to enjoy a carefree retirement. They are accustomed and comfortable with appreciating the simple necessities of life.

Golden Year Guardians tend to lead quiet lifestyles. Their social life revolves around various community groups, and they belong to churches as well as veterans’ clubs and AARP. They spend a lot of their time in their residences reading books, gardening and doing needlework, and they like a game of cards. Foreign travel is outside their budgets and comfort zone.

Golden Year Guardians tend to be conservative, both financially and as a consumer. They are infrequent shoppers and tend to stick to favorite brands when it comes to fashion, shopping at mid-market stores like Belk and Dillard’s.

Over half no longer drive a car and of those who still do, they prefer American-made CUVs. They describe themselves as tech- averse, and any tech gadgets likely came as gifts from their children or grandchildren.

Golden Year Guardians are a strong market for traditional media. They subscribe to daily newspapers to stay informed and read most sections. They describe TV as their main source of entertainment; they watch game shows and reality shows, dramas and early evening shows. These seniors are a prime market for advertisements served in women’s and home magazines. Most are still shy about the internet.

At the ballot box, this group is fairly split between voting Democrat and Republican. They do however, have extremely high voting rates. They will donate to their church, health and welfare causes.