P60: Striving Forward

Cultured families and single parents earning modest incomes in gateway communities

Type of Cultural Connections consisting of 0.82% of households and 0.55% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $15,000-$24,999
  • 1 person household
  • Renter
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Risk taker
  • Ambitious
  • Single parents
  • English not first language
  • Active athletes
  • Fashionable


Striving Forward is a family segment with a mix of single- parents and couples with children living in downscale city neighborhoods. Three quarters of residents don’t speak English—many came to these immigrant gateway communities in big cities in the West and Northeast in search of a better life. However, with their below average educations—less than 30 percent have finished high school— these adults tend to earn low wages as blue-collar laborers or service-sector workers. Most can’t afford to buy a home; they tend to live in inexpensive rental apartments in transitional neighborhoods. Almost a quarter of residents change their address every year.

Striving Forward have little disposable income, which provides for only modest lifestyles. When they’re not working, these parents look for child-oriented leisure activities. They take their kids to zoos and aquariums, and a big outing is a trip to a theme park. Some admit to not exercising regularly and spend their evenings at home, cooking and listening to Latin music.

In the marketplace, these price-sensitive consumers look to shop at local stores and at discount departments stores where the clearance racks sag with merchandise. They frequent retail chains such as Burlington Coat Factory as well as toy stores, where they indulge their children with games and dolls. They like to shop with their family, but they also enjoy just browsing to check out new stores and fashion. In these households, they make an effort for health by cooking with fresh ingredients they pick up from a local market or produce stand.

With nearly 90 percent of Striving Forward speaking Spanish at home, this segment is a strong market for Latin media. Relatively few have access to the internet, but those who do go online to visit websites with information on jobs and apartments and to keep in touch with friends. At home, their radios are on all day, with Latin music providing the soundtrack to their activities.

The downscale members of Striving Forward work long hours trying to improve the lives of their families. Despite their financial challenges, they remain ambitious and optimistic. Most are family-oriented and fill their homes with food and art. They also express concern about the crime and pollution that are part of their neighborhoods. However, many are apathetic when it comes to politics, with few registering to vote or joining a political party. They’re more likely to trust their faith.