P: Cultural Connections

Diverse, mid- and low-income families in urban apartments and residences

4.67% of households and 3.91% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income less than $15,000
  • 1 person household
  • Renter
  • Very high level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Older city apartments
  • Financially curious
  • Single parents
  • Ambitious
  • Modest educations
  • Renters


Cultural Connections are first and second generation Americans who are striving to improve their lives. Most consist of middle-aged couples with children, and single- parent families. Many face challenges—modest educations, low wages, uncertain jobs and language barriers.

The migration patterns of Cultural Connections reflect one of the nation’s latest demographic changes. Many clustering in large metropolitan neighborhoods or settling just outside in affordable housing in the suburbs in the nation’s southern border, from Texas to California, or Northeastern states like New York. They live in older neighborhoods where the housing stock was built in the 1950s and values today are only half the national average. They typically rent older apartments and houses, and their living situation can be somewhat transient. Just under half have lived at the same address for fewer than five years, with many in a constant search for better jobs and nicer apartments.

Cultural Connections have below-average educations. Almost fifty percent never finished high school, and fewer than ten percent have college degrees. Given this low educational achievement, many struggle with lower-paying service-sector and blue-collar jobs in construction and food services; their household income is well below average and many are unemployed or on another means of financial aid. With fewer than half owning cars, they rely on public transportation or carpool.

Some Cultural Connections take part in martial arts while others play team sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and football. On weekends, these consumers prefer to stay around home. They’ll occasionally go to local establishments or a dance performance, or they’ll take their kids to family-friendly venues like theme parks. At home, they may undertake some form of study.

Despite their limited budgets, these households enjoy shopping and like to experiment with styles, and they like stores that offer lots of brands. They particularly like Aéropostale, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory and Forever 21. The majority are unable to afford cars, but those who do tend to drive subcompacts, mostly used. They find it hard to resist consumer electronics, often buying smart devices. With low rates for using credit cards and ATM machines, they typically pay for everything with cash.

While Cultural Connections lean liberal from a political perspective, voting rates are very low—three-quarters never register.