N47: Countrified Pragmatics

Modest income couples and singles living rural, casual lives

Type of Pastoral Pride consisting of 1.20% of households and 0.70% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 31-35
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Blue-collar and honest livings
  • Politically disengaged
  • Farming jobs
  • Pickup owners
  • Active outdoor lifestyles
  • Modest housing


Concentrated in the rural South, Countrified Pragmatics are mostly couples, over 80 percent being married, living in modern brick homes and double-wide manufactured homes on recently developed lots. Their ages vary from 30s to 60s and about half of the adults have children. Most are high school-educated, blue-collar workers in manufacturing, transportation and construction. Although many are dual- income households, incomes are below the national average, making for tight budgets and modest homes. This is the nation’s top segment for mobile home ownership.

The lifestyle in Countrified Pragmatics is typical of many rural segments. These households like to spend their free time cooking, gardening, listening to music, doing quiet hobbies, and spending time with their pets. In their remote communities, few enjoy nightlife or cultural activities, and they travel rarely, except to a lake for swimming. They’re not interested in most outdoor sports, other than traditional pursuits like fishing and hunting that put food (and jerky) on the table. Many missed the health revolution and admit that they eat plenty of fast food and dive into sugary desserts.

As shoppers, Countrified Pragmatics are value-conscious, pragmatic and informal. They tend to make most of their purchases at discount department stores, noting that they prefer bargains to designer clothes. They describe themselves as cash-and- carry kinds of consumers who don’t carry credit cards and have high levels of distrust when investing with banks or Wall Street. Some are tech-shy, not yet carrying the latest smartphones or smart devices, but they do buy large flat-screen TVs.

Their taste in media reflects a bygone age. They rely on radio and TV to stay in touch with popular culture and read a few magazines and newspapers, paying particular attention to the classifieds. They are starting to use the internet, making a few purchases and obtaining information.

Most Countrified Pragmatics aren’t registered with a political party, and those that do vote are split between parties. They’re otherwise casual about their lifestyle; they enjoy their neighbors, go to dances and run an informal household. Using messages that portray that “buy American” image is more likely to engage the Countrified Pragmatic consumers.