M44: Creative Comfort

Rural families with modest incomes and diverse household dynamics

Type of Families in Motion consisting of 1.47% of households and 2.69% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 2 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Large families
  • Rural communities
  • Working-class lifestyles
  • Racing fan
  • True browns
  • Country life


Creative Comfort are large households—two thirds contain two or more children—and some also include aging seniors in addition to young adults. There’s an old-fashioned pride in these communities. Many of the household heads grew up on area farms, married and have now moved into new subdivisions or mobile homes on large tracts of land. Although salaries are low, the dual incomes earned by these men and woman as construction workers, health care aides and retail clerks adequately support their lively, family- centered lifestyles. Half own two or more cars to drive the long distances to their jobs, children’s activities and national retail chains.

Given the large families in this segment, most leisure activities involve kid-friendly venues like bowling alleys, and many hours are devoted to chauffeuring children to and from their activities. They’re fans of outdoor sports such as baseball and basketball as well as NASCAR racing. For vacations, they tend to take driving trips, either in cars or RVs, to destinations where they can camp and fish. Creative Comfort also like to spend leisure time at home, cooking, playing games and doing crafts.

These households lack the discretionary income for luxury travel excursions or risky financial ventures. They have few investments; those they do have tend to be conservative products like saving bonds and CDs. With their homes located far from large malls, they’re infrequent shoppers who tend to stick to discount department stores for clothing, sports equipment and children’s toys. This target audience is technologically confident, though many are considered apprentices to electronic gadgets and apps. They’re a particularly strong market for toys and games, particularly computer and video games. Many ignore designer fashion or trendy styles; these households don’t care to stand out in a crowd.

Creative Comfort have a few subscriptions to newspapers and magazines and are avid radio listeners (particularly of the country and bluegrass genres). With the right message that portrays your brand as “America’s choice”, you too could be grabbing the attention and the spend of Creative Comfort consumers.

The conservative media tastes reflect the old-fashioned values of Creative Comfort. A number of these households are found in the Bible Belt, and they take their faith seriously. They go to church on Sunday and support conservative candidates during elections. Many are right-wing Republicans who support conservative social issues. At the grocery store, they are not concerned about additives or processed food. Indeed, many of these on-the-go families wish there were more fast food restaurants in their communities to help them keep their brood fed and happy.