L42: Rooted Flower Power

Mid-scale baby boomer singles and couples rooted in established communities and approaching retirement

Type of Blue Sky Boomers consisting of 2.21% of households and 1.88% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Nearing retirement
  • Deeply rooted
  • Single adults
  • Liberal
  • Bargain hunters
  • Cultural arts


Found in older, inner-ring suburbs, Rooted Flower Power are singles and couples in their 50s and 60s whose children have flown the coop. Many have good educations and well-paying jobs that support relaxed, middle-class lifestyles. In their established neighborhoods, built before 1970 to accommodate the postwar baby boom, they typically live in compact houses now valued at a modest $125,000. Nevertheless, these baby boomers have done a lot of living— more than half are divorced, widowed or have never been married—and are now entertaining thoughts of retirement. With their mid-level jobs, low expenses and dwindling mortgages, they have the discretionary income to enjoy plenty of home-based leisure activities. With many members of this segment in the workforce and with stable lifestyles, no one is even considering retiring to an assisted-living community; the vast majority have lived at the same address for more than a decade.

In their quiet neighborhoods, Rooted Flower Power spend their free time around the house reading books and magazines and pursuing traditional hobbies like bird-watching and shopping at antique stores. They spend enough time in their gardens to consider joining a garden club, but they’ve given up their health club memberships and aerobic sports, although they may play golf or go fishing. These older suburbanites don’t want the hassle of driving to downtown nightlife, so they don’t really go to bars and nightclubs. However, they do try to go out to dinner or on the occasional gambling junket to a casino, and perhaps take in a play or musical.

Rooted Flower Power are careful money managers both in their investment strategy—with lots of conservative CDs and annuities—as well as in their bargain-hunting behavior at the mall. They’re hardly materialistic and like to buy functional clothes and tried-and-true styles. They still enjoy driving to stores, but will also shop at home through catalogs. They rarely buy the latest consumer gadget or fancy sports car. They like the appeal of foreign cars and gravitate to subcompacts.

Describing themselves as informed consumers, Rooted Flower Power make a strong media audience. They subscribe to a daily newspaper to keep up with local events and enjoy reading a number of magazines—typically about the home, health and fitness. They’re still not entirely comfortable with the internet, often going online and doing little more than checking out a news site. To wind down at night, they still prefer watching TV; they catch the early evening shows after dinner and a range of sitcoms, game shows and dramas into the night.

In addition to their fondness for media, Rooted Flower Power are a good audience for marketers, with newspapers and direct mail their preferred ways of learning about brands.

Politically, Rooted Flower Power tend to be left-of-center Democrats. Firm in their faith and civic activism, they belong to a variety of local groups and volunteer for community causes.