L41: Booming and Consuming

Older empty-nesting couples and singles enjoying relaxed lives in outskirt towns

Type of Blue Sky Boomers consisting of 0.96% of households and 0.68% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Rural lifestyles
  • Married without kids
  • Read newpapers
  • Home and garden enthusiasts
  • Disposable income
  • Trendsetters


Booming and Consuming are older couples and widowed individuals who have migrated to small towns, seeking a more relaxed pace of life. With most of these households between 50 and 75 years old, their nests are empty and they are soon to be, or already, enjoying their retirements. Booming and Consuming tend to have average educations and, for those still in the workforce, have jobs in a mix of white-collar, blue-collar and service sector positions. Their mid-scale incomes typically allow them to afford to own a recently-built ranch with a well-landscaped yard in a Sun Belt community. With their children grown and out of the house, these mature adults have crafted a cushy lifestyle that’s heavy on recreation and leisure.

The lack of children to nurture and clothe means more disposable income for travel and outdoor activities. These households are big on heading to nearby parks and woodlands to bike and walk through the outdoor scenery. They enjoy long car trips, cruises and a significant number own RVs for scenic vacations. They may not live close to downtown centers, but they’ve carried their love for culture with them and will drive to a city to attend a play or concert.

With their mid-scale incomes and healthy savings accounts, they can afford to be materialistic. However, as consumers Booming and Consuming have little need for status recognition and prefer to focus on the integrity of the brand and the customer service when shopping. Booming and Consuming typically shop discount department stores.

With its mix of adults still working and those already retired, values in Booming and Consuming are wide-ranging. Their relative open-mindedness is a reflection of their generation and life experiences. Although the highest concentration is conservative, voting for the Republican Party, many also espouse liberal views. Reflecting the pristine surroundings of their towns, everyone seems to agree on the value of recycling to help protect the environment.

While they may have moved to secluded suburban settings, Booming and Consuming like to stay current with mainstream culture. They typically read a daily newspaper and subscribe to magazines with home and travel titles. They have eclectic music tastes—from country and 60s and 70s hits to easy listening. These older Americans have only somewhat embraced the internet and may go online to shop and get the latest headlines. Few use email regularly though, remaining much more receptive to direct mail offerings. Use messaging that aims at the “buy American” consumer; one that exemplifies honest quality products that can only be made in the US of A. Doing so typically works better than attempts to incentivize or appear to be the iconic trendy option.