K39: Metro Fusion

Middle-aged singles living urban and suburban active lifestyles

Type of Significant Singles consisting of 0.42% of households and 0.28% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 1 person household
  • Renter
  • High level of household technology

Key Features

  • City apartment living
  • Modest investments
  • Middle-aged
  • Politically disengaged
  • Digitally dependent
  • Singles


Think of Metro Fusion as a growing population: middle-aged singles with little interest in finding mates. In Metro Fusion, these never-married singles are mostly between the ages of 35 and 50 and nearly all are childless. These households are well educated and tend to hold mid-level jobs in a variety of fields. They typically live in apartments in port cities, but they especially congregate in California metros like San Francisco and Los Angeles. They rarely have deep roots, usually moving on after three to five years. In this lifestyle, “going solo” is a normal event.

Without children and mortgages, Metro Fusion have more discretionary income to devote to entertainment and leisure activities. They like going out to concerts, comedy clubs and dance performances. They keep in shape with volleyball, swimming and yoga. They like working out in the gyms in their apartment buildings, and may also be found rock climbing. They enjoy foreign travel, visiting places like China, Japan and Mexico, and they have a particular fondness for travel by train. These households often behave younger than their age would suggest; for example, they’re passionate video gamers who clutter their living rooms with the latest gaming systems and prefer gaming to TV and music.

Metro Fusion are particular, rather than aspirational, consumers. They like to keep up with the latest styles presented in the media and prefer stores that have a wide selection. They’re not picky about the kind of retail chain they frequent, but they have high rates for going to Nordstrom. They also look for the latest consumer gadgets and enjoy going to places like Best Buy to release their inner geek. They often use the internet to research products, but many hold off on buying anything until they see the product in a store. These touchy-feely shoppers regularly make impulse buys.

Metro Fusion are consuming media across nearly all channels. When it comes to learning about brands, Metro Fusion prefer digital. Whether your brand reaches this segment via email, mobile video, online or internet radio apps, Metro Fusion will resonate with messages that position your brand as a status symbol and one that offers novelty and variety.