K: Significant Singles

Diversely aged singles earning mid-scale incomes supporting active city styles of living

4.76% of households and 3.24% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $35,000-$49,999
  • 1 person household
  • Renter
  • High level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Renters
  • Multi-family properties
  • Quality matters
  • Small households
  • Financially risk averse
  • Cultural interests



Significant Singles reflect the recent trend of Americans staying single longer and the growing acceptance of individuals remaining unmarried well into middle age or longer. This group contains four segments and consists mainly of singles between the ages of 36 and 65 living in rental apartments in city neighborhoods. Over seventy percent of households are childless, while nearly half have never married. Most enjoy an active singles scene with plenty of nightlife, progressive values and robust leisure lives.

Significant Singles are drawn to large and second-tier cities that offer the promise of affordable apartments and a lively atmosphere. Many live in apartment complexes and duplexes

concentrated in the Northeast and West Coast, in cities like Brooklyn, N.Y.; San Antonio, Texas; Las Vegas, Nev; and Sacramento, Calif. About two thirds are renters. Some are sharing a unit to save on housing costs. These singles are not known for staying long; over half have lived at the same residence for fewer than five years.

Significant Singles work at low-level sales and office jobs. Even with multiple workers in their households, likely splitting rent with each other, their total income is below average, providing little extra money for savings and investments. The few who have a car, typically own a subcompact.

Despite their modest incomes, Significant Singles enjoy active, urban lifestyles. Many are body-conscious and look after themselves by eating healthily and pursuing a number of activities such as martial arts and hockey. When they’re not out and about, they’re happy to stay home, listen to music and audio books, and paint. They like to eat gourmet cuisine, trying different types of food, perhaps with a glass of wine. When it comes to the political arena, most are not registered to vote. Those who are registered vote “Democrat”.

As consumers, Significant Singles seem to have champagne tastes on beer budgets. They tell researchers that they like to buy new fashion every season in order to make a unique statement with their outfits. However, they also admit that they’re price- sensitive shoppers who go to discount and mid-market retailers like Marshalls, Macy’s and The Gap. They head right to the clearance racks when they walk in the door. Although they like technology and want to buy new gadgets, they usually can’t afford to and rarely own anything other than video game consoles for arcade and classic games as well as fighting and sports games.

Significant Singles are media and advertisement consumers paying attention across channels in a big way. They have above- average interest in TV, both cable and online streaming, to learn about brands. Magazines remain a source of entertainment, and they’re especially fond of science and men’s titles as well as news weeklies. They’re more likely than average to read news online.