I30: Potlucks and the Great Outdoors

Comfortably established, middle-income couples with children living in suburbia

Type of Family Union consisting of 1.74% of households and 2.67% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $50,000-$74,999
  • 2 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of household technology

Key Features

  • Country living
  • Outdoor activities
  • Blue-collar jobs
  • Non-environmental
  • Conservative views
  • Motor sports fans


Potlucks and the Great Outdoors contain mostly middle-class families and some empty-nesters living in remote rural communities. The adults have turned high school diplomas and some college education into decent wages from a mix of farm and blue-collar jobs. Their kids are mostly teenagers and young adults, either grown and out of the house or soon to be. Their houses, situated on substantial lots, are large enough to be a bargain at a less-than-average $200,000. Far from urban centers, the neighborhoods where this segment lives are safe where no one worries about crime or violence.

Potlucks and the Great Outdoors engage in a traditional small-town lifestyle. Individuals in this segment are fresh air-lovers who like to hunt, fish, and camp. In their homes, they enjoy gathering with friends and extended family for potluck dinners and card games. These households have average disposable income to spend on their homes, frequenting antique shows, bird-watching and gardening on the weekends. Additionally, every summer, these people look forward to the arrival of a state fair or country music festival.

If Potlucks and the Great Outdoors have any consumer obsession, it’s with the large SUVs, vans and full-sized pickups they typically buy to handle their rough country roads and off-road excursions to fishing and hunting spots. They’re not huge on traveling abroad, but they do like piling into an RV for summer vacations to nearby state parks.

Financially conservative—they think that it’s risky to invest on Wall Street—Potlucks and the Great Outdoors are shoppers who like brands that portray an American-made image of quality and loyalty to its customers. They like to buy classic clothes at discount retailers or order apparel and do-it-yourself merchandise from online discount and bid sites like eBay.

With their modest educations, these households tend to have middle-of-the-road media tastes. They like reading newspapers, listening to country radio and watching game shows and reality shows. They’re big fans of motor sports and can’t get enough of NASCAR. They have only a middling interest in magazines, but they do subscribe to outdoor recreation titles that reflect their rough and tough interests.

In this segment, people are more concerned about family than the larger community. They’re traditionalists on social values, and vote Republican on Election Day and describe themselves as conservative.