F22: Fast Track Couples

Active, young, upper established suburban couples and families living upwardly-mobile lifestyles

Type of Promising Families consisting of 3.20% of households and 2.35% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 31-35
  • Household income $100,000-$124,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • High level of household technology

Key Features

  • Credit-aware
  • Comfortable spender
  • Active lifestyles
  • Tech-savvy
  • Music lovers
  • Football fans


Fast Track Couples consist of young couples and families already on the road to upward mobility. Although ninety percent are under the age of 35, most are married, work at good jobs and own their homes. Two-thirds have kids. Most have at least some college education, which has helped them obtain decent-paying jobs in sales, white-collar professions and technology. With most households paying off mortgages on their first homes, it’s common for both partners to work. That’s typical in the new subdivisions where many live. In the fast-growing sprawl of midsized cities in the West and South, these young couples live comfortably in homes valued a bit above the national average, though they have yet to sink deep roots: most have lived at the same address for fewer than three years.

In many ways, Fast Track Couples lead mobile lifestyles. They enjoy athletic activities and it’s hard to find a sport—baseball, soccer, football—that they don’t play. They also keep fit at local gyms by jogging, biking and doing aerobics. They tend to be night owls who enjoy many nightlife activities, including going to bars, comedy clubs and rock concerts. On weekends, the childless couples may go to a college or pro sports event after a tailgate party; the young families head for zoos and aquariums. Everyone seems to meet afterwards for a meal at a casual restaurant.

As shoppers, Fast Track Couples like whatever’s new and hot. Status-conscious consumers, they love electronics and fill their living rooms with the latest equipment, like gaming systems and large-screen TVs. In their driveways are expensive cars, including SUVs and CUVs. They like to get the latest designer fashions. However, they can be smart with their money; they shop sales, clip coupons and compare prices online before making a purchase.

Fast Track Couples make a good omni-channel market. They prefer learning about brands from internet radio apps like Pandora. They are also receptive to advertisements delivered through addressable TV and mobile display. For many, the internet is the first place they go for information, shopping and, increasingly, entertainment. They like to watch TV, book airline tickets and hunt for new jobs.

Despite their youth, Fast Track Couples aren’t known for their tolerant open-mindedness. They have slightly above average interest in recycling, protecting the environment and supporting equal rights. Most are not particularly involved in politics nor their new communities, and few volunteer for groups other than the PTA or their church organization. Many are simply too busy with work and early childrearing to care.