E19: Consummate Consumers

Households with high discretionary incomes, living upper-middle class, sophisticated lifestyles

Type of Thriving Boomers consisting of 1.39% of households and 1.04% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $75,000-$99,999
  • 1 person household
  • Homeowner
  • High level of household technology

Key Features

  • Empty-nesters
  • Highly educated
  • City dwellers
  • Environmental advocates
  • Well-traveled
  • Fitness minded


Consummate Consumers consist of upper-middle-class households on the cusp of retirement or already fully retired. They contain a wide range of family types: singles and couples as well as divorced and widowed individuals, all of whom have a comfortable lifestyle. What they don’t have arechildren still living at home. Over sixty percent are homeowners and forty percent own condos, and a small segment reside in resort and retirement communities in the coastal states. Most of these adults are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, well-educated and earning good salaries at the peak of their white-collar careers. One in five households contains a retiree whose substantial nest egg provides plenty of disposable income to maintain upper middle-class status.

With their children leading lives of their own, the households in this segment lead busy social lives. They often go to cultural activities, and many enjoy nightlife and upscale restaurants. They like sports and frequently attend professional sporting events and keep themselves fit on their own at nearby health clubs. These educated households also like to travel, indulging their curiosity while traveling abroad by enjoying museums, concerts and musical performances.

Despite their healthy incomes, the members of Consummate Consumers are not into flaunting their success. They may shop at the high-end stores like Nordstrom, as well as specialty shops, but they’re also happy to pick up a bargain at a discount department store or warehouse club. Somewhat late adopters, they’re content to watch conventional TVs that don’t dominate the room.

Consummate Consumers make a good advertising audience. They like to read newspapers and magazines that cover news, business, entertainment and travel, and they enjoy learning about brands while tuning in to their favorite radio (or Pandora) stations. Other advertising preferences are email and direct mail. As long as it’s addressable, targeting them with something that resonates, this consumer market is on board.

They have above-average internet use, going online for utilitarian purposes like sending email, getting the latest headlines, tracking their stocks and comparing prices before shopping.

With their child-rearing days behind them, members of Consummate Consumers have now turned their attention to bettering their communities through civic action. They tend to be liberal in their outlook and support green issues from varied angles—whether it’s driving a hybrid or buying organic food. As the senior managers in their workplaces, they regard their work as important to their identity. More than anything else, they believe that they can control their destiny through hard work and an independent spirit. These are the kind of people who manage their own money, have succeeded in building a substantial nest egg and are happy to give some away to a variety of causes: arts, environmental, health and public broadcasting.