D16: Settled in Suburbia

Upper middle-class family units living comfortably in established suburbs

Type of Suburban Style consisting of 1.32% of households and 2.18% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 46-50
  • Household income $125,000-$149,999
  • 3 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of household technology

Key Features

  • Comfortable lifestyles
  • Young children
  • Large households
  • Do-it-yourselfers
  • Tech apprentices
  • Theme park vacations


Settled in Suburbia appreciate their unpretentious suburban lifestyles that they settled in over a decade ago. Today, they are raising children, many in their teens. A high percentage also contains young adults who have moved back and aging seniors sharing the same house. Most households have moderate educations where half have some college or a bachelor’s degree. They hold white-collar and blue-collar jobs and earn upper middle-class incomes. They’re accustomed to demanding daily commutes that take them to jobs in the nearby big cities located throughout the US, but with highest concentrations in the Northeast.

In their bedroom suburbs, Settled in Suburbia enjoy laid-back leisure activities. When they’re not working, they can often be found on the golf course or at a local swimming pool. They’re close enough to downtown nightlife that they routinely go to plays, sports games and golden oldies rock concerts. They’re happy to skip cooking and go out to local restaurants. These adults enjoy going to gamble in Atlantic City or at casinos. For vacation, many still travel as a family to an all-inclusive resort or hotel near a theme park.

These Americans don’t feel any particular need for status recognition through the purchase of their lifestyle accessories. They typically own more than two cars and are content with nicer used vehicles, SUVs and crossover vehicles. They shop mainstream retailers like Gap, American Eagle, Kohl’s, and get family utility needs from Costco. Many are proficient users of their smartphones and smart devices and do their shopping primarily at brick-and-mortar stores, but also online.

Settled in Suburbia make a mixed market for advertisers. They’re selective readers of newspapers, typically turning to the business pages or movie listings, and make a strong direct mail and email audience. They use their phones for social connecting and practical and entertainment purposes.

Settled in Suburbia like their routines and are not interested in the pursuit of novelty or standing out. They are most interested in brands that emanate their American ideals of honor, respect and pride. They enjoy relaxing with their family and friends, and they describe their political views as conservative-leaning. They’re involved in their established communities, belonging to arts groups and veterans’ clubs at high rates. They donate to health, education, and their church groups.

Now in their mid-careers, Settled in Suburbia have done well financially. Their retirement accounts have high balances. They’re still accumulating plenty of stocks, CDs and mutual funds. This is a prime audience for life and disability insurance, to make sure they’re protected from unforeseen risks. These Americans like keeping their lives on an even keel.