D: Suburban Style

Middle-aged, ethnically-mixed suburban families and couples earning upscale incomes

4.67% of households and 6.92% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $125,000-$149,999
  • 2 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Comfortable lifestyle
  • Suburban living
  • Politically diverse
  • Family-centric activities
  • Parents
  • Financial investments



The four segments in Suburban Style are filled with ethnically diverse, middle-aged couples and families enjoying upscale lifestyles. Concentrated in suburban neighborhoods, these households are in the middle child rearing phase of their lives, coping with growing families, mid-level careers and monthly mortgage payments. However, they’re happy to be bringing up their children in these middle-ring suburbs known for quiet streets and commutes to in-town jobs.

Suburban Style aspired to live in a leafy suburb with a nice garden and fresh air. Their homes, often surrounding big cities in the East, are preserved on curvy streets built in the last half of the 20th century. Housing values are slightly above average. Many homes have a basketball hoop in the driveway. On weekends, the sidewalks are filled with teens skateboarding, biking, and shooting hoops. Nintendo Wii and action/adventure video games are also commonplace.

With their slightly above-average educations—more than half have gone to college—parents in Suburban Style work at white-collar jobs in business, technical, administration, education and finance. Their solid incomes and built-up equity allow them to qualify for home equity and car loans. Among these segments, the highest concentration of homeowners has lived at the same address for over a decade.

Suburban Style has rich leisure lives. They spend a lot of their free time engaged in watching college and pro football and basketball. For a night out, adults head to movies, restaurants, plays, museums and concerts, as well as occasional cooking for fun. Then there are the excursions to zoos, aquariums, bowling alleys and theme parks as well as regularly scheduled hockey practice. Many fret that their children are over-programmed and need more unstructured playtime. With friends they might play cards or video games—anything to take their minds off the next bout of activities, errands and appointments.

With their mix of solid incomes and educations, Suburban Style tends to be fashion-forward consumers who like to check out new styles and products. They tend to shop at online discounters, e-tailers and bid sites like eBay. They have the “work hard play hard” mentality of being tech-savvy, sometimes workaholics that tend to splurge on things like travel and electronic gadgets.

The busy families of Suburban Style make great media audiences. They are receptive to learning about brands and services on TV (broadcast as well as streaming TV). They are also a great audience for email advertising that resonates with their busy lifestyles and tendencies to shop anytime as long as they have a coupon or other incentive. They like to read magazines that cover parenting, health, food, and entertainment. Social media and direct mail are also still key.

With their strong attachment to their local communities—they belong to unions and churches—Suburban Style are also active politically. They have been leaning more to the left, but are overall a fairly politically diverse segment in terms of party affiliation.