C14: Boomers and Boomerangs

Baby boomer adults and their teenage and young adult children sharing suburban homes

Type of Booming with Confidence consisting of 1.34% of households and 2.58% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $75,000-$99,999
  • 5+ person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of household technology

Key Features

  • Suburbanites
  • Middle-class families
  • Politically conservative
  • Charitable
  • Social media fans
  • Multi-generational households


Boomers and Boomerangs are a contemporary consumer segment consisting of baby boomer-aged parents and their grown-up children living under the same roof. In these upscale households, most of the parents are in their 50s and early 60s while most of their children are teenagers and young adults in their 20s. With their college educations and incomes from multiple household members, this segment has incomes nearing six figures from a variety of white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Boomers and Boomerangs typically live in relatively new subdivisions in the suburban sprawl of large and second-tier cities around the country. This 21st century family segment represents stable households where the older adults moved into their homes more than 15 years ago, watched their children grow up and leave the nest—only to have them return.

As a result of these two age groups, the Boomers and Boomerangs segment has varied interests like gardening, tailgating and fishing. However, the adults young and old share many passions—especially for sports, consumer electronics and nightlife. This segment scores high for cycling and boating along with going to nightclubs, concerts and movie theaters. Many members like to go to pro and college sports events, particularly if there’s a chance to meet for tailgate parties.

Despite the upscale incomes found in these cluttered nests, many Boomers and Boomerangs are concerned about money. They tend to be price-sensitive shoppers who buy economy cars and off-the-rack clothes from discount retail stores. They seem to care little about wearing designer clothes or filling their homes with the latest housewares. At this stage in their busy lives, gourmet cuisine is not a priority over saving time. Instead, they enjoy visiting restaurants that have a more family- friendly adult atmosphere.

The generation gap notwithstanding, Boomers and Boomerangs enjoy a variety of media. They read newspapers and listen to drivetime radio, sharing a fondness for stations that feature news, sports and classic rock. They like watching primetime TV, especially dramas, sitcoms and game shows. They’re slowly losing their interest in magazines, at least the paper-based editions and are shifting to the internet for features and commentary. Indeed, they are enthusiastic web users, going online for banking, travel planning and gaming.

Perhaps surprisingly, the values in Boomers and Boomerangs are less conflicted than one might imagine. These households are mostly traditionalists, the largest percentage aligning themselves with the Republican party and espousing right-of- center attitudes. These Americans tend to be fairly blasé about environmental concerns. While they may be on a detour from what they thought was going to be their quiet empty nest, these Boomers are mostly happy to be able to help their Boomerangs. They appreciate the close ties they have with their children. In a choice between advancing their careers and spending more time with their families, their kids always rule.