C13: Philanthropic Sophisticates

Mature, upscale couples in suburban homes

Type of Booming with Confidence consisting of 2.83% of households and 2.89% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66-75
  • Household income $100,000-$124,999
  • 2 person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retiring in comfort
  • Experienced travelers
  • Art connoisseurs
  • Philanthropic
  • Quality matters
  • Ecological lifestyles


Philanthropic Sophisticates are a mix of older and retired couples and singles living in suburban comfort. All but a small percentage of households are empty nests. Members of Philanthropic Sophisticates live in upscale neighborhoods located near big cities and are highly educated. Typically, there is at least one retiree in the household, and those who are still in the workforce have well-paying management, technical and professional jobs. They can afford to buy older, stylish homes worth upwards of half a million dollars.

With the luxury of both time and money, these households pursue leisure-intensive lifestyles. They like to dine out, go to plays and concerts and shop for decorative antiques. They

travel often, both on cruises and flights abroad to experience other cultures. These are fitness-minded households whose members typically belong to health clubs where they can be found walking, using cardio machines and pedaling stationary bicycles. Relaxation at home typically involves a book or Kindle.

Philanthropic Sophisticates describe themselves as brand loyal in the marketplace. They like to buy clothes and housewares in high-end stores as well as through catalogs and online. Acknowledging their technological anxiety, they rarely buy trendy consumer electronics. They do, however, like to buy premium cars, typically new imported models. Self-described “smart greens”, they also look for products that are made or packaged using recycled materials.

This is a segment where traditional media still reigns supreme. Philanthropic Sophisticates are into news; they are avid newspaper readers and tune in to radio newscasts. They subscribe to specialty magazines that cover editorials, business or travel. They have an above-average interest in TV and are particularly fond of movies and early evening shows. The internet is the first place they turn for practical activities like travel planning, researching stocks and doing medical research. Just don’t ask them to play a video game.

Unlike other older segments, Philanthropic Sophisticates are relatively liberal in their views, although they have a fairly equal split in support for the Republican, Democrat and Independent parties. They are active in the community and see themselves as members of the global village. They worry about international issues and volunteer for community groups. They also donate to a variety of charities involved with health, social services, education, politics, the environment, the arts and public broadcasting.

Philanthropic Sophisticates can afford to donate generously. These folks have amassed large nest eggs from diversified portfolios. They have high rates for owning retirement accounts like IRAs and Keoghs. They carry a number of credit cards, in part to take advantage of the rewards programs. After all, they never know when they might come across the perfect offer for a cool restaurant or a hot ticket to a Broadway show.