B07: Across the Ages

Flourishing couples and multi-generational families living a wide range of lifestyles in suburbia

Type of Flourishing Families consisting of 1.39% of households and 2.11% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $125,000-$149,999
  • 5+ person household
  • Homeowner
  • High level of household technology

Key Features

  • Affluent
  • Rooted in the suburbs
  • Multi-generational households
  • Fitness club members
  • Outdoor hobbies
  • Charitable donor


With double the national average of multigenerational families, Across the Ages is home to a mix of affluent older couples—over half are from the Baby Boom Generation—and families with young adults and aging seniors. Most live in suburban homes an easy drive away from the nation’s bigcities. Many households have multiple breadwinners. These college-educated workers hold a range of white-collar, sales and professional jobs. Fifty percent have lived at the same residence for more than a decade, long enough to raise children and see them return to the nest.

With households consisting of varied age groups, Across the Ages make for some unusual leisure patterns. Many of the older adults enjoy laid-back activities like cooking, reading books and going to plays and antique shows. The younger residents make Across the Ages a strong market for bars, comedy clubs and rock concerts. Together, both groups like to travel widely and keep fit by playing golf, mountain biking, running and aerobics.

As shoppers, the members of Across the Ages tend to have upscale tastes and shop at Nordstrom, Ann Taylor and Dillard’s. However, like many in the current economy, they look to maximize their dollars and also shop at stores like Kohl’s and T.J. Maxx. They also like shopping online for women’s clothing, computer equipment and home decorating items. Many consumers describe themselves as early adopters who favor smartphones and big-screen TVs at home. And they like to fill their home offices with plenty of computer equipment for telecommuting and gaming. But they’re also careful about spending and look for sales and coupon offerings. These households want to save and invest their money to build a nest egg for their retirement.

Across the Ages qualify as a mixed media market. They’re fans of newspapers and magazines that cover entertainment, business and news. They like to watch a wide variety of TV programming, and tune in to both online and satellite radio stations more than average, with different age groups listening to golden oldies and easy listening music, or 80s rock. Mostly, though, Across the Ages are web-savvy. They go online to track job openings, visit magazines, and it’s the first place to find information. They admit that they’re transferring their allegiance from traditional media to the many offerings online.

To reach the diverse groups in this segment, marketers may need multiple messages. While the 50-something parents describe themselves as traditionalists with conservative political views, the younger adults in the household back more progressive social issues. This is a rare segment where members have above-average rates for both preferring conservative clothes and seeking out cutting-edge technology. If there’s one area where everyone shares similar views, it’s their attachment to family. They link their status to the family’s success, and messages that reflect the priority of the family would be well received here.