A06: Jet Set Urbanites

Upscale singles and couples living high-rise fashionable lives; city-style

Type of Power Elite consisting of 0.90% of households and 0.70% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $250,000+
  • 1 person household
  • Home ownership unknown
  • High level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Upscale urban living
  • Multi-family properties
  • Highly educated
  • Supporter of fine arts
  • Environmental advocates
  • Politically liberal


Jet Set Urbanites are metropolitan sophisticates and an affluent mix of singles and couples pursuing high-rise lifestyles. These residents, mostly childless middle-aged professionals, have graduate degrees and high incomes from offices with a view. Their careers are in business, finance, legal and health. They pay plenty to live in the luxurious apartments and condos in some of the country’s priciest cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Jet Set Urbanites take advantage of their urban landscape.

They’re performing arts fans who frequent the theater, dance performances and a range of musical concerts. They like nightlife and enjoy going to comedy clubs, movies and ethnic

restaurants. These workaholics try to stay fit, by working out in gyms and private clubs where they do aerobics, cardio and weights. They like to take clients and dates to sports events, particularly professional basketball games. To get away from it all, they routinely travel to foreign settings where they enjoy museums, restaurants and exclusive hotels.

As shoppers, Jet Set Urbanites are anything but shop-til-you-drop fashionistas. They do not frequent department stores, preferring more intimate and upscale specialty shops. Because many lack cars, they tend to shop online. They own stocks and mutual funds. Philanthropic and progressive, they support a range of non-profit groups and are generous with their money, especially for charities involved with health issues, welfare, the arts, education and public broadcasting.

Jet Set Urbanites are classic urban liberals, though one quarter of them is not registered to vote. They’re overwhelmingly Democratic in their political affiliation, and they support a progressive social agenda. They describe themselves as risk-takers who like to sample new products and fashion, experimenting with different styles and exotic cuisines, yet they rank high as conformists who stick to the status quo. They have enough money to indulge their tastes, and they don’t mind paying for high-quality brands. But they also care about environmental issues, buy organic foods and look for smart green products.

Jet Set Urbanites are especially reachable. These educated Americans remain big fans of newspapers and magazines, particularly for the coverage of news, business, fashion and travel. They tune in to radio apps and stations every day for news, news/talk programming and for the occasional pop or R&B fix. They are especially a receptive addressable TV market with
25 percent preferring to learn about brands during their broadcast TV programs or while streaming shows online. And when it comes to mobile and online display ads, this audience is increasingly paying attention and appreciating those timely brand offerings.

To resonate with this segment, use messages that appeal to their impulsive spending habits as well as their inability to pass up something novel or that emanates their ideals for a smaller carbon footprint.