A03: Kids and Cabernet

Prosperous, middle-aged married couples living child-focused lives in affluent suburbs

Type of Power Elite consisting of 0.77% of households and 1.43% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income $250,000+
  • 2 person household
  • Homeowner
  • High level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • Affluent families
  • Traditional family roles
  • Politically conservative
  • Saving for college
  • Parents
  • Family vacations


Kids and Cabernet are middle-aged couples and their children living a wealthy, suburban city lifestyle in their homes valued at nearly three times the national average.

Their neighborhoods are havens for college-educated, white- collar professionals with well-paying jobs in engineering, education, business, and finance. All are upwardly mobile in their careers and are trying to provide the best lifestyle possible for their children; half have lived in their exclusive community for less than 7 years.

Kids and Cabernet lead child-centered lifestyles. The adults spend a lot of their leisure time engaged in athletic activities: swimming, cardio, weight training and yoga classes, playing

tennis, golf and hiking. That is when they’re not taking their children to select sports leagues and a half dozen extracurricular programs...not to mention Nintendo Wii. These educated households are well-traveled and take family vacations to theme parks within the U.S. and resorts abroad. For date nights, parents enjoy going out to nightclubs, cinemas, restaurants and concerts of all eras and genres.

As consumers, these educated and wealthy Americans like to acquire the latest in automotive and consumer technology. They are journeymen when it comes to technology adoption and they use their mobile phones for personal pragmatic purposes like keeping tabs on their kids, some popular apps and for the convenience of finding quick answers to immediate questions. They prefer new and used import vehicles, and in their homes they buy multiple gaming consoles and large-screen TVs. They head to club and big-box stores to load up on games, toys and sporting gear. They frequent eBay, and Amazon for their shopping leisure as well. Netflix is also high on their list of frequented websites, along with Pinterest and YouTube for ideas to try and venues for date nights or play dates.

The values of Kids and Cabernet are those of busy parents trying to juggle work and families. They have the best of intentions when it comes to buying “green” and eating healthy, but fast-paced lives leave little room for regular home-cooked meals.

Regardless, they are influential and are well informed when it comes to health products and shopping in general. They are typically sought after for advice and listen to what brands are sharing. They say they will pay just about anything when it concerns their health.

Though they can afford to buy new fashion every season, they also appreciate a bargain. They shop at both the online high- end stores as well as the online discount sites like Overstock.com. These households tend to be conservative—whether in dress or their politics—and they’re active in local school groups that help to support their communities. 70 percent are Republican; 60 percent mildly so and 10 percent On-the-Fence liberals.

Kids and Cabernet live well thanks to $200,000-plus incomes and plenty of investments and insurance to protect their assets. Mindful of caring for their children, they carry high levels of life insurance and invest in 529 College Savings Plans. They also have the credit scores to qualify for home equity loans and secured lines of credit. Their fondness for the internet sees them doing a lot of their money management online: paying bills, trading stocks, and researching other investments.

As media consumers, Kids and Cabernet are mostly wired households who spend increasing amounts of time online. About two thirds own an iPhone, and because of their daily chauffeuring their children to extracurricular activities, they’re also confined to their cars for long stretches, and keep their radios tuned to rock and easy-listening stations—whether via satellite, broadcast radio or Pandora. They watch a lot of sports on TV—primarily college and pro football, pro baseball and the Olympics. They like to read at above-average rates, and particularly enjoy sports magazines. They are social media junkies in comparison with the other Mosaic A types.

To reach this group as a whole, focus on addressable TV, email, mobile SMS and social media. Practically all of this consumer segment pay attention and prefer learning about brands through TV advertisements.

These consumers are heavy shoppers both online and in-store, discount and high-end. Messages that resonate are ones where the brand emanates the Kids and Cabernet preference for buying established brands.