A02: Platinum Prosperity

Wealthy and established empty-nesting couples residing in lavish suburban homes

Type of Power Elite consisting of 1.02% of households and 1.33% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 51-65
  • Household income $250,000+
  • 5+ person household
  • Homeowner
  • Medium level of technology adoption

Key Features

  • High income
  • Empty-nesters
  • Political donors
  • Masters degrees
  • Philanthropic
  • Investment-savvy


The wealthiest segment, Platinum Prosperity, consists of older empty-nesting couples and retirees enjoying lives of luxury. With average incomes well into the six figures, many own spacious suburban homes valued at more than half a million dollars. Most are married, college educated and at the peak of their careers. While nearly a fifth are retired, those still in the workforce are holding executive and management positions in business, finance, legal and health services.

With their child-rearing days behind them, Platinum

Prosperity enjoy entertaining their friends and pursuing cultural activities. They like to network with other people on the same social rung, which serves them well in their

philanthropic pursuits. Members of this segment belong to associations that support museums, symphonies, opera companies and other charities of the arts, and they are among the nation’s top supporters of political groups and private foundation organizations.

Platinum Prosperity are consumers who resonate with brands who portray images of honor, integrity and the traditional themes of the American culture. Not surprising given they are a group with large male dominance as the head of household. Aside from that, they will occasionally use coupons and discount-based incentives.

Many Platinum Prosperity consumers are fitness fanatics who belong to health clubs, enjoy cardio, tennis and weight training sports and watch college and professional football and baseball games. At night, they enjoy cultural activities. Plays, ballets, operas, movies and concerts are all on their must-do lists. At home, they’ve outfitted their family rooms with top-of-the-line computers, large-screen TVs and serious exercise equipment, as well as books; one third being read digitally on a Kindle.

They also like to get away from their busy schedules. Platinum Prosperity couples travel for both business and pleasure, domestic and afar. Organized events like cruises are also a fan favorite for this consumer group.

As shoppers, they like to buy brands with reputations that align with the traditional American conventions of pride, integrity, honor and respect. Brands who are also reputable for being high quality, time-saving and fashion or industry-leading also grab the attention of the Platinum Prosperity consumers. When it comes to preferences for interacting with and learning about brands, Platinum Prosperity prefer brand messages be delivered in-store and on specialty online retailers, via direct mail and email. They are not the most receptive to mobile or online video and display ads, but they are highly receptive to almost every other advertising channel.

Platinum Prosperity have a strong global consciousness and interest in international affairs. They purchase “green products” and support ethically responsible businesses. With a genuine interest in people of all backgrounds, they like to learn new things and pursue a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

To reach these consumers, companies and non-profits should recognize that Platinum Prosperity are well-educated, global citizens who tend to be independent thinkers. They feel they are informed shoppers and are conservative when it comes to their outlooks on spend. Increasingly, they’re going online for news and commerce, reading blogs and informative websites that help them research products.

They not only shop and learn about products online, but they also frequent MSN.com, YouTube and Facebook. Their mobile usage is more pragmatic and social in nature which is consistent with their average technology adoption.