O66: Student Scene

Students living in high density accommodation close to universities and educational centres

Type of Rental Hubs consisting of 0.52% of households and 0.50% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 18-25
  • Household income £30k-£39,999
  • No children
  • Rented flat
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Full-time students
  • Communal establishments
  • Internet access in library
  • High social networking
  • Watch videos online
  • Walk to shops


Student Scene are young people living close to their place of study. Most are aged under twenty-five and many are living away from their parents’ home for the first time.

They rent accommodation from universities, student accommodation companies or private landlords. These usually consist of individual rooms within student halls, flats or houses that have shared facilities. Between academic years, there is a high level of movement in these areas as graduates leave and new students arrive. Local businesses find plenty of custom for affordably priced goods and services, but footfall may vary significantly between term times and holidays.

Reliant on student loans and parental contributions, these young people have very low incomes and are learning how to balance their budgets between groceries, bills and entertainment. Some may pick up part-time jobs to supplement their income.

They are highly dependent on the internet, always heading online when they need information. They use their smartphones and computers extensively for communication, frequently checking social media and making calls home online. They often buy clothes and rail tickets via the internet. Television is less popular, with TV series and films viewed online instead.