O63: Flexible Workforce

Successful young renters ready to move to follow worthwhile incomes from service sector jobs

Type of Rental Hubs consisting of 1.39% of households and 1.59% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 26-35
  • Household income £40k-£49,999
  • No children
  • Rented flat
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Young singles and homesharers
  • Millennials
  • Rent flats
  • Want to get to the top in their career
  • Don't use landlines
  • Third party car insurance


Flexible Workforce are people in their twenties and thirties who rent city living spaces in accessible locations. From here they can commute to the city centre via nearby railway stations or other public transport. Some live alone but most share with flatmates. They have a global outlook with residents of many different nationalities.

Their privately rented flats may be purpose built or part of a converted house. A number of these tenants rent a living space with shared amenities within a terraced house. These are generally short-term arrangements that suit their current circumstances without tying them down, allowing them to follow job opportunities when they arise. Many residents choose not to own a car given the convenience of public transport and shortage of parking spaces.

Most have university degrees and earn good incomes working full-time in service sector jobs. They are ambitious for their futures. While they might use credit cards to help them afford things, they are mindful of their credit ratings. They like to shop at local independent grocers and markets as well as high-street supermarkets.

They check social media frequently, make voice and video calls online and are dependent on their smartphones for communication. Many rely on the internet for news and entertainment rather than watching television.