O62: Central Pulse

City-loving youngsters renting central flats in vibrant locations close to jobs and night life

Type of Rental Hubs consisting of 1.11% of households and 0.93% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 26-35
  • Household income £40k-£49,999
  • No children
  • Rented flat
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Rent 1 bed flats
  • University degrees
  • Access internet at work
  • Electric central heating
  • Low environmental impact gap
  • Walk to shops


Central Pulse are young people aged under thirty-five who rent small, attractive apartments in city centres. They either live alone or share their flats with friends or partners. They moved in relatively recently and rent their accommodation from private landlords.

Their flats have either one or two bedrooms, are nicely appointed and are not cheap given their size. They are found within walking distance of central shopping and business districts, either in redeveloped buildings or in attractive modern developments. These neighbourhoods often have a young population who are well catered for in terms of bars, nightlife, gyms and shops. With little need for a car and few places to park, many residents choose to rely on the public transport that is readily available to them.

These young people work full-time in career jobs, perhaps in finance, computing or other service sectors, and most had a university education. They earn good incomes and are intent on working their way up the career ladder. Without a mortgage or dependants, they can choose whether to spend spare money on their current lifestyle or start saving for future needs.

The internet is used heavily in all areas of their lives including for information, online banking, socialising and entertainment. They watch TV and videos online and use many apps.