M: Modest Traditions

Mature homeowners of value homes enjoying stable lifestyles

 5.39% of households and 5.60% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 56-65
  • Household income £20k-£29,999
  • No children
  • Owned terraced house
  • Very low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Homeowners
  • No children
  • Established in community
  • Low discretionary income
  • Watch TV
  • Solar panels



Modest Traditions are older homeowners, often aged in their fifties and sixties, who own affordably priced houses. These households include couples whose children have left home, parents supporting adult children with accommodation, and mature singles who are living alone. Most have been living in their homes for many years.

They live in suburban neighbourhoods where property prices offer value for money. Their terraced and semi-detached houses are older buildings that tend to have three bedrooms. These homes were bought many years ago and residents have now paid off the mortgage or have only a small amount outstanding.

A good number of these older adults still work full-time in the occupations they have been employed in for many years. Jobs tend to be in lower supervisory, semi-routine and routine roles that earn below-average wages. These employees often work fairly close to home. Smaller numbers of residents have already retired. While there is not much money to spare, these established households generally get by reasonably well. Some have modest savings and households often have one car.

They are not particularly internet savvy and are less reliant on smartphones than many, with some having less confidence with technology. Television is a popular source of entertainment.