L53: Seasoned Survivors

Single elderly who are long-term owners of their low value properties which provide some financial security

Type of Vintage Value consisting of 1.69% of households and 1.19% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66+
  • Household income less than £15k
  • No children
  • Owned terraced house
  • Very low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retired singles
  • Pre-war generation
  • No qualifications
  • Worked in metals and mining
  • Fuel and water poverty
  • Solar panels


Seasoned Survivors are retired people who bought their affordable homes many years ago. Aged in their late sixties and older, many are still living in the houses where they raised their families. They are now likely to be living alone.

Their homes tend to be small, older properties that have a low market value. Some are ex-council houses located on estates of similar housing, others are small traditional terraces found in rows on urban streets. Many have three bedrooms, but some have just two.

During their working lives these residents worked in lower-level occupations, but they were smart with their finances and were able to buy a home. As older homeowners, they now have the benefit of no monthly housing costs, having paid off the mortgage some time ago. This allows their modest pensions to stretch further and gives them greater financial security. Some savings allow them to finance larger expenses such as a car without resorting to credit.

They are not very confident online and significant numbers are not online at all. Paper statements and bills are much preferred. They regularly read newspapers, particularly the popular press, and watch a fair amount of television, though they are not generally influenced by the advertising.