L52: Estate Veterans

Longstanding elderly renters of social homes who have seen neighbours change to a mix of owners and renters

Type of Vintage Value consisting of 1.43% of households and 1.08% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66+
  • Household income less than £15k
  • No children
  • Council/housing association terraced
  • Very low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retired singles
  • Council/HA tenants
  • No qualifications
  • Very low discretionary income
  • Established in community
  • Fuel and water poverty


Estate Veterans have been renting their homes from the local authority for many years. As long-term tenants, they have seen neighbours come and go over the years they have raised their families. Most are now retired and aged in their sixties, seventies and beyond, and their children have long since left home. Around two-thirds live alone while others live with their husband or wife.

Located on estates of houses that were once all council-owned, these settled residents now live among a mix of homeowners and tenants. Their homes were built in the middle part of the twentieth century as affordable social accommodation. They are typically terraced or semi-detached properties that are compact in size with two or three bedrooms.

Many residents rely on the state pension. They didn’t benefit from an extended education and their working lives were spent in lower-wage occupations which didn’t leave much to spare for retirement saving. Many like to pay with cash when they shop at the supermarket and local shops. Some manage to run a low-value car within their budget.

They don’t use the internet a great deal, and rarely buy items online. Some read popular newspapers and they enjoy watching television.