L: Vintage Value

Elderly people with limited pension income, mostly living alone

6.31% of households and 4.34% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66+
  • Household income less than £15k
  • No children
  • Council/Housing Association flat
  • Very low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retired singles
  • Council/HA tenants
  • No qualifications
  • Low discretionary income
  • Low-tech households
  • Fuel and water poverty



Vintage Value are retired people aged over sixty-five who live in accommodation that is modestly sized. The majority now live alone.

Some live in low-value houses that have been their homes for a long time. Others have moved in more recent years to compact flats or bungalows that are suited to the needs of later life. These properties are small and often have one or two bedrooms. Many rent their homes from local authorities or housing associations, and a smaller number own their homes outright.

Now retired, these residents rely on pension incomes that tend to be limited. Many are reliant on the state pension alone and some are eligible for additional benefits. Though their financial resources are very low, most are experienced at budgeting and match their expenditure to their income. Homeowners may have more to spare than those paying rent, though they have the cost of home maintenance. Some have modest savings and are able to run a small car.

Many are not confident online, and they use the internet relatively little. They may use mail order for extra purchases rather than shopping online. Some still prefer to pay for items with cash. They rely on their landline phones in preference to mobile phones, regularly read newspapers and watch many hours of television.