K44: Inner City Stalwarts

Long-term renters of inner city social flats who have witnessed many changes

Type of Municipal Tenants consisting of 0.77% of households and 0.64% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66+
  • Household income less than £15k
  • No children
  • Council/housing association flat
  • High level of household technology

Key Features

  • Council/HA tenants
  • No children
  • 1 bed flats
  • No qualifications
  • High street supermarkets
  • Fuel poverty


Inner City Stalwarts are older people who have been renting their city-centre flats from the local authority for many years – usually for at least a decade and often much longer. Most are aged in their late fifties, sixties or older and typically live alone.

Their homes are small one or two-bedroomed flats in inner city locations. Mostly found in London boroughs, properties have high market valuations that reflect their location rather than their quality. These neighbourhoods are well served with public transport and residents use many buses and trains. They also walk or take buses to local high-street supermarkets, often popping in several times a week.

Some residents are retired and rely on modest pension incomes. Others are in the later stages of their working lives, earning below-average wages. Their spare cash doesn’t stretch far, particularly given the high costs of living in these areas. They don’t like credit and are very unlikely to take out loans.

These elders are often less confident online, and the internet isn’t necessarily the first place they look for information, though they may respond to email advertisements. They regularly read newspapers, often the mid-market press.