I36: Solid Economy

Stable families with children, renting higher value homes from social landlords

Type of Family Basics consisting of 1.91% of households and 2.15% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income £20k-£29,999
  • One child
  • Council/housing association terraced house
  • Medium level of household technology

Key Features

  • Council/HA tenants
  • School-age children
  • No qualifications
  • Low discretionary income
  • Standard current/savings account
  • Single trip travel insurance


Solid Economy are families who rent higher-value homes from local authorities or housing associations. Householders are usually aged in their thirties, forties or early fifties and children range from primary age up to young adulthood. Many families are headed by a couple, but others include singles or adults sharing.

Homes are typically terraced and are likely to have three bedrooms. Some were built in older eras and have good-sized gardens, others are more modern and have less outdoor space. They are priced not far below the national average, which in some cases is due to the quality of the property and sometimes reflects high housing costs in the region. They are found in areas of social housing within the suburbs of cities and towns. Many families have been settled in these homes for some years.

Employment is found in routine or semi-routine jobs that offer below-average wages, and households with more than one income have better financial positions. They have low levels of savings and some may use credit cards to spread the cost of larger expenses. But they spend modestly to match their income, driving older cars and taking few holidays.

They regularly use the internet, using smartphones much of the time and checking social media every day. They like to find bargains online, shop for footwear and sometimes order groceries to be delivered.