G: Domestic Success

Thriving families who are busy bringing up children and following careers

 7.21% of households and 7.56% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 36-45
  • Household income £70k-£99,999
  • Two children
  • Owned detached house
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Families with children
  • Mid to high household income
  • Monthly discretionary income under £1000
  • Very high mortgage debt
  • Internet via smartphone
  • Online shoppers



Domestic Success are householders in their middle years who have made progress in their careers and own comfortable family homes. Most are couples aged in their thirties and forties. These families usually have children who are moving through the stages of schooling. Other households consist of single people living alone in family-sized properties.

Their good-quality houses are detached or semi-detached and usually have three or four bedrooms. These often have an above-average market value and many families have high mortgage payments to make each month.

Adults work in higher-level roles which earn them good salaries. Often both parents work, though one may work part-time. Their incomes comfortably cover household expenses, and some people are starting to build up their savings. Most would prefer not to use credit, but they may take out loans to finance larger expenditure such as their family cars.

With long hours at the office and childcare commitments for many when they get home, these families are short of time. The internet is a useful source of information and a practical way to get jobs done. They use it frequently, though not for long hours, and many access it via their smartphones. They do some online shopping, often checking the internet for prices and reviews before purchasing. Some have groceries delivered, choosing some premium and Fairtrade products. They don’t have much time to watch television.