E18: Legacy Elders

Financially-secure elders on good pensions, now mostly living alone in comfortable suburban homes

Type of Senior Security consisting of 2.01% of households and 1.38% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 66+
  • Household income £20k-£29,999
  • No children
  • Owned detached house
  • Very low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Retired singles
  • Pre-war generation
  • University degrees
  • Homeowners
  • No outstanding mortgage
  • Have wills


Legacy Elders are retired people, often in their late seventies or older, who have lived in their family-sized suburban homes for a long time. Many brought up their children in these houses, which now provide ample space for their current needs. Some residents are married but most now live alone.

Their comfortably-proportioned homes are mostly detached, with three or four bedrooms and pleasant, though not extensive, gardens. They were usually built either in the interwar era or the 1960s and 70s in suburbs that are now popular residential neighbourhoods. Properties are valued well above average and are owned outright.

Successful working lives have provided these householders with good pensions. Even though many now rely on a single income, they can more than cover their expenses. They usually have healthy savings, and many have invested in Premium Bonds, ISAs and shares. Confident in managing their financial affairs, they have no need for credit and are able to buy larger purchases such as their cars from savings.

They have a lower use of the internet and only occasionally shop online. They regularly buy newspapers and may pay attention to the advertisements in these.