B09: Empty-Nest Adventure

Mature couples in comfortable detached houses who have the means to enjoy their empty-nest status

Type of Prestige Positions consisting of 2.12% of households and 2.03% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 56-65
  • Household income £40k-£49,999
  • No children
  • Owned detached house
  • Low level of household technology

Key Features

  • Married couples, no children
  • Baby boomers
  • Large, detached houses
  • Highly educated
  • High discretionary income
  • Premium bonds


Empty-Nest Adventure are people aged in their late fifties, sixties and early seventies enjoying freedom from responsibility now their children have grown up. Most households consist of married couples who have lived in their family homes for many years.

They own comfortable houses, usually detached with gardens and often with four bedrooms. These homes once provided a good environment for growing children and now give ample space for these older people to pursue their own interests. Valued well above the national average, they are likely to be owned outright. They are located in leafier suburbs around cities and towns.

Many of these residents are now retired with good pension incomes that amply provide for their everyday needs as well as hobbies and holidays. Those still in employment earn healthy salaries and put money away towards their retirement. They have good levels of savings and take care in managing their money. Many have Premium Bonds, ISAs, shares and trusts.

They are likely to use the internet for email, paying bills online and managing their personal finance. They do their shopping by car, often at an out-of-town supermarket, and are unlikely to buy budget ranges.