A03: Penthouse Chic

City professionals renting premium-priced flats in prestige central locations

Type of City Prosperity consisting of 0.58% of households and 0.53% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 26-35
  • Household income £150k+
  • No children
  • Rented flat
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Urban areas
  • Expensive rented flats
  • University degrees
  • High discretionary income
  • Online shoppers
  • Foreign language TV


Penthouse Chic are professionals who live in expensive apartments in city centres. They are located predominantly in London but also in other metropolitan centres and have career opportunities and cultural entertainments on the doorstep.

Typically aged in their twenties and thirties, these city executives often live alone. Many moved into their current home in the last few years.

Their apartments are situated within premium developments and are worth substantial amounts. Some are within characterful older buildings, others are in modern developments. Most have one or two bedrooms, and all are equipped to a very high standard. The occupants usually rent from private landlords, but a few have bought their property.

These highly educated individuals earn excellent salaries. They work in high-status city jobs often within financial and service industries. With no dependants, they have a substantial discretionary income that can be used for lifestyle spending or investment.

Making constant use of the internet, they connect to hotspots on public transport and at airports and use it for professional networking, finding restaurants and buying tickets. They like new technology that makes their lives easier. They watch little television and are more likely to watch programmes via video on demand.