A01: World-Class Wealth

Global high flyers and moneyed families living luxurious lifestyles in London's most exclusive boroughs

Type of City Prosperity consisting of 0.54% of households and 0.61% of population

Who We Are

  • Aged 46-55
  • Household income £150k+
  • Three children
  • Owned terraced house
  • Very high level of household technology

Key Features

  • Expensive properties
  • 5+ bedrooms
  • High income
  • University graduates
  • High-tech homes
  • Uber passengers


World-Class Wealth are high-income residents who live in exclusive neighbourhoods within large cities. They are typically found in the most expensive London boroughs. Their properties, worth close to two million pounds on average, are located in premium streets that are convenient for the city centre.

These affluent homeowners are often aged in their middle years. Some families have children under eighteen, others include young adults.

Homes are usually terraces, semi-detached houses or flats rather than detached houses. They are often characterful properties and have spacious interiors that are furnished to a high specification.

Residents have substantial incomes and spend significant amounts on quality products and frequent holidays. Their high-status roles, typically within financial and service industries, command generous benefits. Many are company directors. They have accumulated valuable assets and have a wide range of investments which are usually professionally managed.

They make frequent use of the internet, regularly purchasing items online, and they enjoy owning the latest technology. They enjoy discussing current events and are avid readers of quality newspapers. But they have little time for television, sometimes watching programmes online.