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How does the optimal send time work?

Send emails to your contacts at the time they're most likely to read and interact with them

You're more likely to get an interaction with your email, such as an open or a click, if the recipient is not occupied at the time the email reaches their inbox. If the recipient is on their phone or if they are at their computer and the email pings, they might just be inclined to take a look. 

Machine Labs offers the ability to send your email campaign at the best time for each recipient individually. 

How is the optimal send time calculated?

Machine Labs uses data collected from orders and email interactions (such as email opens and clicks) to calculate the optimal send time for each contact in your database.

We break the day down into 24 1-hour slots, and based on the data collected, assign each contact a 1-hour slot as their optimal time. 

You can view the optimal time for an individual contact from their contact details page, accessible by navigating to Contacts -> Overview -> Select a contact.

As a contact places more orders and interacts with more emails, their optimal send time will be automatically updated.

How do I send a campaign at the optimal send time?

To send a campaign at the optimal send time, simply select the Send at the optimal time for each contact option on the Schedule step of the email campaign creation process. This will allow you to enter a date that the campaign will begin sending from, and Machine Labs will send the campaign across the selected day. 

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 11.35.38

You can see the time that each contact was sent the email from within the Email Report, accessible from Campaigns-> Email Report in the dropdown.

Note that optimal send time is only available for one-off campaigns. A/B tests and automations do not allow sending at the optimal time.