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How do I upload a list of unsubscribed contacts?

If you're transitioning to EmailRevenue from another email marketing platform, it's important to ensure that any contacts who had previously unsubscribed from marketing are also unsubscribed on EmailRevenue. If you email contacts who had previously unsubscribed from your marketing, you could be breaking data processing laws and increasing your spam rate which can lead to drastically reduced email deliverability and potential blacklisting from major email providers.

Usually, other platforms will sync back unsubscribe data to your e-commerce store, however there are occasions where this data is not in sync and you may have contacts subscribed to marketing when they shouldn't be. EmailRevenue offers the ability to upload a list of contacts that should be unsubscribed from all mailing lists, ensuring that you only email contacts that want to receive marketing emails from your brand.

When you export your unsubscribes from your previous email marketing provider, ensure that these contacts have actively opted out rather than having never been on the list in the first place, as our import will remove contacts from all mailing lists within EmailRevenue.

What format should the list be in?

In order to upload your unsubscribe list, it must meet the following specification:

- .csv or .xlsx file format,

- A single column with a valid email address on each line.

An error will appear if the specification above is not met.

Where do I upload my unsubscribe list?

To upload your unsubscribe list, simply navigate to Contacts -> Mailing Lists and scroll to the Update your unsubscribe/bounce list section. From here you can upload your list. You'll be informed of any errors once the file has been imported and processed.

If you're sending your first campaign, you'll also have the option to upload your list during the audience step. If you choose to upload the list here, you will have to wait until it has processed before you can continue with the campaign creation process.

There are errors in my file, what does that mean?

There may be a few reasons why your file import resulted in an error. Have a look at the list of possible errors below and ensure that these are resolved before trying to upload again:

- All email addresses must be in a valid format (e.g. contact1@example.com).

- The contacts in your file are in your EmailRevenue database. Contacts in the file who are not in the database will be skipped over.

- Ensure your file meets the specifications detailed in the "What format should the list be in" section above.

If you're still having issues, contact support@emailrevenue.com and we'll be happy to assist you with your import.