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How do I segment contacts by gender?

Create segments for contacts who are probably male and probably female.

Clothing and fashion brands in particular will often get higher conversion rates if female clothing is sold to women and male clothing is sold to men. Other brands may also just be interested in finding out what proportion of their contacts are male and female.

Each contact has a Predicted gender based on the first name. It works on more than 40,000 first names which covers most names in:

  • English
  • Other European languages
  • Most Indian languages
  • Chinese

Some names are used by both men and women. In these cases, we will select the gender that it is more commonly used by. For names that are unknown or used equally by both genders there will be no prediction.

There is a segment rule for Predicted gender which can be used to create segments of men or women. It can also be used to build more complicated segments – such as women who are a particular dress size.