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How do I personalize an email?

Add merge tags to your newsletters and workflows to make each communication personal.

What are merge tags?

The simplest way to personalize the communication with your contacts, on mass, is to use merge tags. You may also know them as substitution strings, personalization fields or personalization tags.

Merge tags are smart tags that pull unique data directly from your contact list. They look like snippets of text, separated by underscores and wrapped in square brackets: 





Each merge tag corresponds to a specific field within your contact's information. So, if you insert the merge tag [first_name] in your subject line or email content, we'll replace this tag with the real first name of every contact receiving that email. Merge tags are an excellent way to make each email recipient feel valued.

How do I add merge tags to an email?

Adding merge tags to the subject line

  1. From the navigation panel click campaigns > create a campaign > choose email as your campaign channel.
  2.  Once you've created the audience for your campaign, the next step is to decide the campaign content.
  3. On this page, when writing a subject line for your campaign, click on the merge tags dropdown list and select the merge tag you want. 

This can be used in any position within your subject line, for example:

  • Hey [first_name], our summer sale has landed! 
  • [first_name], our summer sale has landed!
  • Did you know our summer sale has landed, [first name]?

4. Click save and continue and proceed to designing your campaign.

Adding merge tags to the email body

[Previous steps cont.]

  1. To design your campaign first select a template, either a theme template, a layout template or you can create your own from scratch. 
  2. Now, within the email editor click on any text content block or drag and drop your own from the right hand side panel. 
  3. In the text block, write any text you'd like and select merge tags  from the new toolbar above.
  4. Choose the merge tag you'd like to insert from the pop-up menu.
  5. Your merge tag will now appear within your text. To remove it simply hit backspace on your keyboard, and to choose another repeat step 4. 

6. Once you're happy with your email content, click save and continue to review before scheduling.  


If you're looking for a merge tag that we don't currently offer, or if you'd like more help on personalizing your emails, please get in touch at support@machinelabs.com!