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How do I insert a video into my email?

Images, step aside. Video, you're up!

The video content block allows you to share your video content easily in your emails. You only need to copy and paste the URL of your video from YouTube or Vimeo, and the editor will do the rest: it will automatically grab the cover image for the video, overlay a Play icon on top of it, and link it to the actual video content.

The "Content properties" section will ask you to provide a video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, the popular video hosting services that are currently supported (if you would like us to support other video hosting services, let us know). 

Once you insert a valid URL, the content block in the editing panel will display the cover image for the video with a Play icon overlaid on top of it. You can edit the type, color, and size of the Play icon to change the way it looks. For example, on some videos a white icon will work better than a black one, or vice versa.

Note that the editor cannot access password-protected videos to get the cover image. 

Additional notes about embedding video in email:

  • This feature does not embed the actual video in the email, but rather links to it in a smart way.
  • The reason why the actual video content is not embedded into the message is that, unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. Many email clients don't support it - sorry!
  • Additionally, many emails are opened on mobile devices and viewing videos on a mobile device can cause substantial data usage in addition to a poor user experience due to the quality of the data connection.