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How do I edit images within the email editor?

Image filters, stickers, borders, shapes and more - all in one compact user-friendly email editor.

Create beautiful, unique images without having to leave the email editor.

Editing images

Our email editor includes an image editor that allows you to easily crop, rotate, resize, apply filters/frames, add stickers... and much more - to any image, without leaving the editor.

Accessing the image editor

  1. From the navigation panel click campaigns > create a campaign > choose email as your campaign channel.
  2.  Once you've created the audience and the campaign content, the next step is to design the campaign. 
  3. First, select a template or start from scratch. 
  4. Once inside the email editor, click on an existing image content block or drag and drop a new image content block from the right hand side tool bar:
  5. Click browse to access your file manager. Here you can upload an image from your own files, import an image from elsewhere or search free photos
  6. Once you've found and image that you'd like to use, click import. It will now appear in your file manager. 
  7. To insert the image into your campaign, click insert.
  8. Now in the right hand content properties toolbar, click apply effects & more.
  9. You are now in the image editor where you can edit the image in a variety of different ways. 

The editor has a lot of cool features, from filters to resizing & cropping tools.

You can quickly and easily change the image size...

... apply some cool stickers:

There are also a number of predefined filters that can help you very quickly change the look of the image:

Feel free to explore the image editor and experiment with changes to make your image pop! 

Remember to click apply between each edit and when you're ready to insert your image back into the campaign, click save