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How do I add products to an email?

Drag and drop products directly from your e-commerce store

Machine Labs keeps an up-to-date list of products from your store , allowing you to drag and drop these into your emails with only a few clicks.

Positioning a product

Inside the email builder, the first step in adding a product to your email is to pick its position in your email. To do this, simply drag and drop the Product content block into the email template where you'd like it to show.

Once positioned in the template, you can click the Select a product button to open the product selection popup.

If you're using one of our pre-designed templates that features products, we've already positioned the product content block for you, so all you have to do is click the Select a product button.

Note: If you have a product content block in an email template and send the email without selecting a product, the product content block will not appear in the email.

Selecting a product

Selecting a product to insert is as simple as picking a product from the grid and clicking the green Continue button. This will take you to the Edit product step.

If you have more than 24 products in your store, you can use the Next items (and Previous items) links to navigate through your catalog. 

If you have a specific product in mind, you can use the search bar above the grid of products to search for a product by its name. 

Editing a product

Once you've selected a product, we automatically populate the product content block with data from your store. You can see a preview of what this looks like on the left hand side of the popup.

To ensure the layout looks good, we trim the product title and description to 150 characters - this is fully editable so you can change the wording to describe your product best.

If you're happy with our preset fields, you can click the Insert product button to add it to your template. You can always use the Back button if you'd like to choose a different product. 

If you'd like to change these fields, see below for more detailed instructions.


You can change the layout of the product content block by using the Layout dropdown field. We support 3 layouts; horizontal left aligned, horizontal right aligned and vertical centred. For products that take up an entire row, we recommend picking a horizontal alignment, whereas if you have products side by side (or alongside other content), we recommend picking the vertical layout. 

Email background

A product content block is automatically inserted with a transparent background (meaning that it will take on the color of the row in the email template behind it). However to ensure that the text stands out,  please use the Email background dropdown to signal whether the background is light or dark. 

If you wish to edit the colors of each individual product element (name, description, price, button text and button background), you can still do so.

Product image

Our product picker pulls in all of the images from your product, for you to choose from. You can select the image that you wish to appear in the product content block, and we'll automatically resize it for optimal display in all email clients. We show 6 images by default, but if you have more you can use the Next and Previous links to scroll through them. 

Product name and description

We automatically populate the name and description of your selected product from the data in your store. We show the full name and description in the editable fields, however we shorten these to 150 characters each to ensure the final layout stays intact.

The product preview on the left hand side will show you exactly how it will look in the email. 

If you'd like, you can also pick the color of your name and description separately.

 Our product preview updates in real time as you change the colors. 

If you don't wish to show the product name or description, simply remove the text from these fields and they won't be displayed. 

Product price

We format the price of your product to the currency of your brand and pre-set this to the price from your store. If you wish to change the display price in the email, all you need to do is change the number in the price box. 

As with the product name and description, you can also change the colour of the price text by using the colour picker box at the end of the price field, or you can remove the price entirely by deleting the number in the field. 

Button text and Button URL

You can customize the text that is displayed on the button within the product content block by typing your desired phrase into the button text field. It is defaulted to "Buy now" to make things quicker when adding lots of products to an email. 

Use the color picker at the end of the button text field to change the color of the text within the button.

The Button URL is the link that is applied to your button and image, so that your customers can click through to the product page on your store. This is pre-populated  with a direct link to the product you selected and we recommend that you don't change this.

You can change the colour of the button by using the colour picker at the end of the button URL field.

If you wish to remove the button entirely, you can either remove the button text or URL from the respective field and the button will disappear. 

Changing an already inserted product

Once you've added a product, you can change any of the attributes by selecting the product content block and clicking on the Select a product button on the right hand pane. This will load up the Edit product popup and you can modify the selected product or change to a different product entirely.

Don't worry, we save your formatting and colour preferences when  you switch products so you don't have to reconfigure these.