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How do I add emojis to my email?

Add emojis to your subject line and get emoji keyboard shortcuts for Mac & Windows

Adding emojis to your email subject line

  1. From the navigation panel click campaigns > create a campaign > choose email as your campaign channel.
  2. Once you've chosen the audience, the next step is to decide the content. 
  3. Here, you can write a subject line of your choice (within 150 characters) with the option to add merge tags or emojis. Simply click on the smiley face emoji to launch our built-in emoji keyboard. You might notice some emojis are missing from our keyboard, that's because we only include the emojis that are displayed correctly wherever your customer gets their email.

Adding emojis to the email body

To add emojis into the body of your email we recommend using keyboard shortcuts to quickly launch the emoji keyboard within either Windows or Apple. 

The emojis included within Machine Labs are those most compatible with the widest variety of email clients.

Apple Shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + Spacebar to access emojis.

Windows Shortcut

Either use the keyboard shortcut WIN + . (period) , or alternatively the keyboard shortcut WIN + ;(semi-colon) to access emojis.